Article 1

Length of stay

The villas are available to the customer from 2 pm on the day of arrival. The customer has no claim for earlier availability. On the agreed day of departure, check-out is at 11 am. This is a fixed term rental and there is no possibility for the customer to keep the villa beyond the agreed date.

Article 2


Only a person over 18 years old may make a reservation.

Conclusion of the booking

The booking comes into effect after the customer has paid 50% of the total amount of the renting to the owner of Comoon Villas. The lease is agreed between the parties and can in no case benefit a third party, without the owner’s consent. Failure to observe this rule may lead to terminate the lease, which the client shall be exclusively responsible for. The lessor definitively retaining the amount of the rental.

Confirmation of the reservation

To confirm the reservation, the customer has to pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the renting, as stated above. Confirmation of the renting will be sent to the customer by e-mail after payment has been received by the owner. Within 30 days before arrival, the customer has to pay the remaining booking balance to the owner.
The customer will have access to the villa only after the whole amount of the renting has been paid.

Cancellation conditions

1. By the customer :

The deposit (50% of the total amount) may be refunded only if notification of cancellation is received 30 days prior to the start of the stay. Once the 30 days deadline elapses, the total amount will remain acquired for the owner.
If  the stay  is  shortened  for whatever reason, it  will be preceded  to none refunding.

2. By the owner :

In case the owner has to cancel a stay, the entire amounts charged to the customer will be refunded, with absolutely no obligation to provide alternative accommodation.

Article 3


The prices listed on our website are in US dollars. Please note that all  bank fees  due to exchange rates are the customer’s responsibility.

The entire fees renting and optional services are the responsibility of the customer.
! Optional services must be paid in Thai Baht or by card plus 8% net of expenses.

The price of the rental includes

  • The furnished villa for the entire length of the stay
  • Classic breakfast per person per day (please refer to regular breakfast  service time)
  • Every day housekeeping services
  • Running water
  • Electricity supply up to 60 kwh a day. If  there  is  over-consumption, 8 BTH will be charged for each additional kwh consumed.
  • Return transfer from and to Koh Samui International airport (USM). If more than one return transfer occurs (due to staggered arrivals of guests), extra transfers are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Goods and services tax 10%
    Tourist tax 1%

The price of the rental does not include

  • 750 USD Security deposit paid on arrival
  • VAT 7%
  • Cost of phone calls
  • Optional services if not priorly specified
  • The customer’s insurances (trip, civil liability insurance…)

Article 4

On arrival

The customer must report on the agreed day and time, in order for the owner to organize transfer. No transfer will be organized if the customer gives no information.
In case of late or delayed arrival, the customer is responsible for informing the owner.

Article 5

Use of the villas


  • Villas can only be rented for private and touristic use. Any kind of commercial use is strictly prohibited. The customers can in no way consider this address to  be his/her main residence.
  • The customer can in no way engage  in any  kind of  illegal or unethical activity.
  • The customer agrees to take care of the accommodation and to  leave  it in the  same condition as  it was found  on arrival.
  • The customer agrees to lock the doors and windows when he is not at the villa. He must be cautious with his personal belongings.
  • It is forbidden to fix anything on the wall, to move furniture or domestic appliance.
  • The client must respect the rules of  being good  neighbours. He must not cause any excessive  or  abnormal  noise or nuisance which may disturb the neighborhood.  He must respect the regulations applying to the common areas: reception and sports room.
  • The owner reserves the right to enter the accommodation, on appointment (or without delay in case of emergency) at any time to maintain security an order.


On arrival and departure, a joint  inspection of the  property will  be  carried  out by the owner and the customer. It will serve as the only  reference  document  in  case  of dispute.
You are advised to leave the accommodation as you found it on arrival. You acknowledge  that you take responsibility  for your own actions and  errors and those of whoever you have invited to stay with you.


The customer will have to leave a  deposit between 750 USD and 1 000 USD on arrival. The deposit will not be collected and fully returned at the end of the rental. However, all or part of  the deposit may be used in case the owner notices any damage, missing item, or if extra cleaning costs are necessary.
The customer has to notify the staff of any  defect  or failure of  any equipment and domestic appliance as soon as he notices it so that it can be fixed in  the shortest possible  time.

Occupancy capacity

The present reservation is  agreed for a given number of occupants, stated on the online  booking platform. Should the number of occupants be larger, the owner would have to be informed before arrival and the owner reserves the right to refuse or to charge extra price supplement. The customer will be considered responsible for any change. The owner reserves the right in  his sole discretion to turn down service or renting to anybody.

Swimming pool

It is strictly prohibited to walk or sit on the edge of the swimming pool. Comoon disclaims all responsibility in case of an accident.

Sports room

All minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Article 6


Neither the owner, nor the website shall  be  liable in  any  manner  whatsoever  for  any event occurring out  of  their control,   that may interfere with your occupancy, including, but but not limited to, government agency actions, strikes, acts of terrorism, wars, weather conditions, floods and fire.

The owner cannot be held responsible for disturbance or noise due to nearby public or private constructions, traffic, pets or neighbors. No refund or discount will be allowed for these reasons.

Neither the owner, nor the website shall  be  liable for any delay or dysfunction related to passenger transportation, which may be organized by an independent provider.

The owner cannot be held responsible in  the event of, injury, illness, death or loss a  family member  of a customer any of his/her visitor  occurring during the stay.

The Customer declares that he and all the occupants of the villa hold liability insurance or other  equivalent insurance for the length of the stay.]

The Client acknowledges that  the use of some facilities, including but not limited to,  the sports room, the swimming pool, the terrace, the stairs, the furniture, the domestic appliances, in particular those in the kitchen and bathroom, may be dangerous. The client and other occupants of the villa are fully responsible and need to take adequate  precautions  to  ensure their security when using the listed facilities. The owner and their representatives cannot be held responsible for any damages related to the use of the facilities.


The present booking does not include pets. For  failure to comply with  this  regulation the owner may refuse the stay and no refund will be possible.

Failure to respect the contract

Failure to comply  with the booking terms and conditions stated above will lead to termination of the  lease within 24 hours, notified in formal writing. If that occurs, the customer will be asked to leave the place immediately and without delay.

Article 7


Comoon Villa reserves the right to modify the website, the services or the present  general conditions at any time without prior notice.


These booking terms and conditions are written in French. The French version takes priority over any available translation.

I acknowledge having read and accept the general conditions of stay.

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