Front desk

As our team consists of highly enthusiastic people, we will be more than happy to advise you upon the new and most fascinating places to visit for a day trip, a snack and even for shopping! Our lovely front office is opened from 8am to 6pm every day, until the closing time you are more than welcomed to turn to us if you have a concern, doubt or a question. But don’t be discouraged, because you can get in touch with one of the members of the staff after the closing time through a mobile phone which you will receive when you arrive.


Enjoy a lovely breakfast made with fresh and local products such as:
French bread with butter and jam, delicious pastries, homemade juices, seasonal fresh fruits and coffee. Nevertheless, this delicious breakfast will be served directly to your villa between 8am and 10.30 am. The best way to start off your day, guaranteed!

Already included in your stay


Free and unlimited access for all guests.
While working on your shape you will enjoy the great ocean view revealed just right in front of you. Our fitness is equipped with various training facilities, moreover, you can meditate while looking at the great sceneries of the nature. Nonetheless, with great care of your comfort, the fitness is equipped with air conditioning. Keep yourself in a good shape throughout your entire stay!


Travel in serenity: 1 free round trip transfer per villa / arrival and departure
Whether you arrive by plane or by boat, a taxi will wait for you and accompany you to the resort. Upon your arrival on site our baggage handler will drop your suitcases directly to your villa. Want to know how to arrange this? Send us all information about your trip and we will take care of everything!


In case you feel the urge of having a bite with your beloved ones, do not worry because our chef’s colleagues are always there for you to suit your needs and wants! All of the dishes are made with fresh and high-quality products. Moreover, the great variety of dishes ranging from salads, pizzas and pastas can leave you wanting

Not to mention our gourmet desserts: Chocolate cake, coffee tiramisu, mango and passion fruits cheesecake. Our surprise for you in the menu is homemade ice cream. To accompany your meals, you can find the list of all our drinks and wines.

Chef service

Treat yourself with an exceptional dinner in the perfect privacy of your villa. Enjoy the delights of Thailand’s cuisines with a traditional menu especially created for you. Remarkably, the dishes can be customized in order to adapt to your tastes and preferences. Our wonderful team is in charge of all of the processes in the kitchen such as: Purchasing the products, cooking, serving, keeping them in storage and cleaning. Notably, our chef will make one of his dishes right in front of your eyes to share with you some secrets of Thai gastronomy.

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Taxis & car rental

In order to enjoy the extraordinary landscape offered by the resort, it is required to have a vehicle. Therefore, three possibilities are available:

  • Getting a taxi service from our trusted partner which is available 24/7.
  • Renting a car or a scooter at preferential rates. Note that because of the dangerous roads and the huge traffic on the island, we advise you to
    rent a car unless you are very experienced motorcyclist.
  • Hiring a private chauffeur who will follow you on your journeys during the day.

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Thai boxing

With great pleasure, we introduce you to the most popular and ancient sport discipline in Thailand. Our amazing coach will introduce you to this type of martial art, with whom you can very efficiently get in shape. The name of this sport is Muay Thai and the reason why it is so great is that it
engages all parts of your body.

It is also very helpful for those who wish to increase their stamina, improve muscle tone and increase strength and flexibility. Other benefits include increased cardiovascular endurance and an improvement in hand-to-eye coordination. Remarkably, you will have the amazing possibility to practice it alongside your coach while enjoying the great nature view from your terrace.

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Holidays are the best time to concentrate entirely on your well-being and treat yourself with a deserved break. If you are seeking to find peace with your inner self then yoga is the perfect activity for you. It consists of a mental training that combines poses of strengthening and stretching with deep breathing, meditation and relaxation. Moreover, it has multiple benefits for both your body, mental state and skin. This magical sport helps you be more flexible, lose weight, have a clear skin and above all become more relaxed and well balanced.

Furthermore, you can find your peace while practicing Yoga in your villa accompanied by the serenity of nature and our trainers who are well known of their excellent expertise. Whether you are a pro in Yoga or just a curious beginner eager to try something different, do not worry because our trainers are able and will adapt their exercises to your level of experience.

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Massage & treatments

Our Spa and Wellness will seduce you taking into mind the various procedures we have to offer you. Traditional massages, hot stone massages, facials, scrubs, body wraps, manicure and pedicure are just part of what our program consists of. Everything is concentrated on the goal to make you experience a unique moment of relaxation in a dream setting.

Enjoy the benefits of traditional Thai massage which combines yoga and acupressure to relieve tension, pain and stress. And for a romantic moment with the loved one, discover our signature couple packages.

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